Name: Alexia Bell Gender: Female Age: 16 Year: Junior Side: Rebel Roommate: Robin Hood Junior Secret Heart's Desire: To find someone who loves me My Magic Touch: I can fly and invent things. Storybook Romance status: With a guy named Ethan. Oh Curses Moment: When a gust of wind knocks me down while I'm flying. Favorite Subject: Grimmnastics Least Favorite Subject: Crown-culus Best friends Forever After: Robin Hood Junior, Ethan,TBD

Alexia Bell is the daughter of Tinkerbell and is destined to be to take over her mother's role in the fairytale.

Physical AppearanaceEdit

She has bleached blonde hair, and blue eyes. She also has wings.                                                               



She wears a red version of her moms outfit


She is a lot like her mom. Kind, caring, has an attitude sometime.


She lived in pixie hollow with her mom. She's heard of Peter Pan but never got to meet him or Peter Pan junior.