Cat is the next March Hare. She thinks she is a cat, and dress up like one. That's how much a loon she is! She is a Royal, and an only child.

Physical AppearanceEdit

You know Lola from Looney Tunes? She's like that except her fur is dyed velvet red and she wears her ears as a bun and she's wearing a hairband with cat ears. She has purple eyes.


 Yellow fluffy dress. Twisted flip flops. Ears in a bun. wears cat eared hairband.


Looney like Maddie Hatter, but more!


She's basically the March Hare's daughter. Unknown mom. She think she's a cat. Her best friend is Maddie Hatter.


SYFB Radio StationEdit

  • Cat is very helpful, despite her looniness

Cooking StoryEdit

  • Cat, like her Father the Marching Hare, is a very good cook.

Magestic BandEdit

  • Cat plays an awesome trumpet and drums.