Lisa Poppins is the daughter of Mary Poppins. She an only child and is the student of Ever After High.

Lisa Daniella Poppins
Gender Female
Age 14
Year Sophomore
Side Rebel
Roommate None
Secret Heart's Desire I don't have one, but if you'd like we can hang out.
My "Magic" Touch Like my mother, I can snap my fingers and things are finished.
Storybook Romance Status Single
"Oh Curses!" Moment With locker combinations, I get frustrated.
Favorite Subject Hexonomics
Least Favorite Subject Biteology
Best Friends Forever After None so far.

Physical ApperanceEdit

Lisa has pale skin and green eyes. Her hair is mostly purple with some black stripes. Her hair on the front covers only her right eye.


She has a purple jacket with dark purple stripes on it and a white t-shirt under it. She also has tight shorts and a aquablue miniskirt over it. She also has black high top shoes.


Lisa can be the happy go lucky person. She's nice to everyone and cares for them. But like her mother, she can be very strict when she leads or does things that involve being leader. It rare for her to get angry and sad, it only happens when a situation is critical. Despite being a rebel, she believes that villians and heros should work together to have happy endings.


Lisa was born from the classic fairy tale Mary Poppins. She was treated and cared for by her like any mother does. Lisa began to follow her mothers footsteps by training to be a nanny. This didn't work out so well as she was not able to watch over the kids after failing multiple times. She has tried numorous times until she gave up on becoming a nanny. Her mother understanding that her daughter didn't have the ability like she had lets her follow her own destiny in becoming what she wan'ts. As much as Mary didn't like the idea, she told Lisa she loved her no matter what. Lisa was happy about this, and decided to become a therapist.


Mary Poppins.Edit

Lisa admires her mother and looks up to her. Sometimes she had a hard time bonding with her, but soon caught on.

Harmony Mermaid.Edit

Highly respects her and actualy conciders her a true friend.