There is no mess too big for a Darling!
Lucy Darling
Lucandra [Lu-Scan-Dra] 'Lucy' Rosemary Darling, who you can call Lucy, is a child of Wendy Darling and destined to be the next Wendy Darling. She currently only has one sibling. She is a Royal, but with her actions with her boy friend, Linus, she is acting like a Rebel.
Lucy Darling
Lucy Darling
Lucy Darling
Gender Female
Age 15
Year Sophomore
Side Royal in mind, but Rebel at heart
Roommate Vacant
Secret Heart's Desire To be not thought to be a stick in the mud.
My "Magic" Touch I can straighten up anyone in no time!
Storybook Romance Status I am happily ever after with Linus Piper!
"Oh Curses!" Moment I tend to get hectic if there is mess all around me!
Favorite Subject Castle-ic
Least Favorite Subject Grimmnastics
Best Friends Forever After Catherine Hare

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has bright and mesmerizing blue eyes like her mother, she also has her hair color. She would look like her mother if it wasn't for her hair length. Her hair trails down until her lower back! She is very tall, unlike her mother. She has a revealing face, and very pretty and young. Her skin tone is fair, like her mother yet again! She has rosy cheeks, which matches her plum and bright lips.


She wears a similar outfit to Blondie Lockes, but without the bear designs. She has the same design of shoes as Briar beauty, but with the right details, it would fit her proper dress and attire. She has a small bag which contains all her needed things. Phone, beauty products, and a book of wonderful stories to tell others!


Lucy is a proper and very kind young lady. She was raised to be just like her mother, and what a genuine trophy she turned out to be! She is also very much chatty and talkative at times, she loves to tell stories!-But she knows when to stop- She loves to have fun, and knows how to laugh to jolly good joke.

She is very sensitive with things, so watch out for her feelings, and surprisingly, her temper too! She loves her destiny! She loves the adventure she's going to have, but a bit disappointed that it will end, so that she can grow up.

She loves being immature, playful, and adventurous at times, but at times she is all grown-up and mature, and strict. She spends her time actually watching movies and gossiping than reading books, but that's her life! She loves making up stories to tell to entertain, but she would never tell a lie.


She is the last child of Wendy Darling and her unnamed army husband. She loves spending time with her older brother and sister, but with her destiny in the way, she spends more time with her dear cousins. She loves her destiny, and excited to meet the next Peter.

She doesn't see the next Peter in a romantic way, but more of a friend with benefits. Maybe a few kisses here and there, but it wouldn't mean a thing! She sometimes visits other story realms like Alice in Wonderland, or Nightmare Before Christmas. Emily is a dear friend of hers, and she is actually excited to spend more time with her in an actual High School!