Margery is the Daughter of Alice Liddell from the story Alice in Wonderland. Margery is a rebel and will not be following her destiny. She has a twin brother named Joffery Liddell and a black kitten named Mystery. 

Physical Appearance Edit

She has wavy light brown hair that falls about mid-back. She has a black headband in her hair as well. Her eyes are baby blue. She has a slim figure with curves in all the right places.

Outfit Edit

Usual Edit

She wears a teal version of her mothers dress but longer. White socks and black flats are the shoes she usually wears. 

Legacy Day Edit

She wore a longer baby blue dress with a black sash at the natural waist. Instead of flats she wore black heals. her headband was replaced by a ribbon that matched the one she put on Mystery. Legacy Day


She is usually sweet and kind. She would never hurt a living creature. Animal abuse is the one of the things that makes her mad. She is sometimes shy. 


Margery lived with her mom, dad, and brother in wonderland. She hung out a lot with Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Chesire. and Maddie Hatter. Before she came to Ever After High her brother gave her a kitten as a surprise. 

Relationships Edit

Alice Liddell: Mother, she supports her childern 100 percent

Thomas Liddell: Father, he wasn't to happy but supported them anyways to make them happy. 

Joffery Liddell: Twin brother, they were sort of close until he started hanging out with villians. 

Mystery: Kitten, margery's compainon always by her side.