Paige Phoebus is the daughter of Esmeralda and Captain Phoebus from Disney's Version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Paige is a rebel​ pri​ncess and proud girlfriend of Finn Witch


Paige was born in France only a decade after the events of the Hunchback of Notre Dame took place, Paige was destined to take up her mother's role and was born with great powers, the gypsies detected this and wished to keep her for themselves as they did not belive Esmeralda was worthy of raising a fellow gypsy on her own. The gypsies placed Paige in the home of one of their future followers, as they knew Esmeralda would find her otherwise. The woman who raised her gave her a normal childhood as her powers were submitted into dormancy, she lived in a Long Island suburb in New York for a long time where she met Leonardo de Vil, a fellow fairytale, by chance as a child. After years of being best friends Paige and Leonardo began to date once they entered highschool, as Paige began her Sophmore year of High School her powers became active once again. The gypsies came to her shortly after, telling her th truth about her mother and placing her in Ever After High with only one smal spell book to help her master her magic. It was several depressing and confusing weeks for Paige until Leonardo transferred to the school, he informed of the truth about himself and he soon helped her get used to the fairytale would and soon Paige began to fit in at Ever After High.

Apperance Edit

She appears very much like her father with short curly strawberry blonde hair and fair skin. She had bright blue greens eyes and has a petite body type standing at an around average height for her age.


Paige is a nice girl with a kind heart. She looks out for everyone she can, and doesn't often make enemies as she doesn't usually hold grudges. Paige is also headstrong and fearless, she is brave and will do anything to help her friends.Being new to being a gypsy Paige's spells normally backfire, so she often tries to avoid them as she is afraid she might hurt someone. Even though Paige is very loving she has trouble dealing with negative emotions such as sadness or hate, as they are uncommon emotions for her.