Scarlet Silver
Gender Female
Age 15
Year Sophmore
Side Royals
Roommate None
Secret Heart's Desire None
My "Magic" Touch "My arm can turn into diffrent tools."
Storybook Romance Status "Anyone is opened."
"Oh Curses!" Moment "If my arm is broken, definitely going to have a hard time
Favorite Subject TBA
Least Favorite Subject TBA
Best Friends Forever After Odelle Swan, Jim Hawkins.
Scarlet is the granddaughter of John Silver. She is  like destined herself to be a pirate him. Like John, she can be greedy and strict but can have a soft side.​

Physical apperanceEdit

Scarlet has tan skin and greed eyes. She has long red hair and like John, has a mechanical arm.


She wears a white button up shirt with a long sleeveles brown trench coat over it. She has brown pants and black boots.


Scarlet can be Agressive and very greedy. But, deep down she has a soft spot when she is with friends.


Scarlet was born and raised in a rich family. She didn't get to spend time with her since they were busy with their jobs. they always send Scarlet to her grandfather John Silver to be looked aftered. As time went on, SWcarlet began to warm up to her Grandfather and plans to become a Pirate as well. As years went by, Scarlet attended Ever After High to look up for her father.


James Hawkins Junior :Scarlet at first had feelings for him. She liked him and repected him. After learning he already has a girlfriend, she was heartbroken but soon accepted his discison.

Odelle Swan: She respect Odelle in many ways. Scarlet respects her being both Jims girlfriend and her best friend.